Plastic Seconds ACID membership

ACID (Anti Copying in Design) is a membership organisation, committed to raising awareness and encouraging respect for intellectual property within corporate social responsibility. The ACID logo is recognized as a strong symbol of deterrence. ACID Accredited Law Firms have achieved £3million+ in costs and damages in 400+ settlements for Members.

Plastic Seconds now has an ONLINE SHOP!

You can now buy a selection of Plastic Seconds pieces online here! A lot of the designs are completely ONE OF A KIND or available for a very limited time so check often as the items will be updated frequently!

Xmas Market Stall

I will have a stall for 2 days - the weekend of 18/19th Dec from 12pm to 6pm each day - selling 'Plastic Seconds' ( jewellery, colourful xmas decorations made out of plastic bottle tops  and 'Slowly the Eggs' ( Xmas cards so come along if you can! It will be at the BHVU Gallery, Unit A, Leswin Place, Stoke Newington, N16 7NJ


Some early shoot experiments with Mary

wearing necklace made from collected (with a lot of effort and sometimes embarrassment...) bottle neck rings
wearing bottle tops hair slide
wearing earrings from ringbinders

wearing customised sunglasses

wearing hair slide from found mickey mouse hand and headband with bottle tops

wearing plug necklace and some wires...

wearing armbands made from shoe straps and plastic jar lids

sporting some empty tape cylinders as necklace and belt!

Becca my first model

    wearing necklace from bottle neck rings as headband
wearing ring from a bottle bottom
wearing ring from bottle tops