Supermarket Sarah 'Wonder Walls' book launch at The Old Shoreditch Station

On the 11th of October I went over to The Old Shoreditch Sation where Sarah Bagner of Supermarket Sarah held the launch of her fabulous new book 'Supermarket Sarah's Wonder Walls: a Guide to Displaying your Stuff'. For the book Sarah visited the homes and studios of various designers and collectors in Tokyo, the UK and Sweden to create an inspirational selection of very special decorated walls and interior spaces. Having played for so long via her brilliant website with walls, the way one can imaginatively decorate them, and display objects on them, Sarah comments on her finds featured in the book with unique insight and brightness. During her book launch I really enjoyed the way she had displayed the books in different supermarket stock cardboard boxes and supermarket shopping baskets! 'Supermarket Sarah's Wonder Walls' is available on Amazon and all good book stores. And you can take this opportunity to check out again the wall created by Plastic Seconds for Supermarket Sarah !

All photography by Maria Papadimitriou


Stephen Jones A/W 2012 Hat Collection

There was some fabulous pieces in the Stephen Jones - one of my favorite milliners - A/W 2012 Collection and here I wanted to post the ones I find most inspiring. Love it that a drink can form has made it to couture level millinery :-)

'i was a rich man's plaything'
Image Copyright: peter ashworth 2012

'no entry'
Image Copyright: peter ashworth 2012

Image Copyright: peter ashworth 2012

Image Copyright: peter ashworth 2012


FRED BUTLER SS13 "A Bee In My Bonnet with a Honey Haircomb"

Ahhhh... what a lovely video... I have always admired Fred Butler's visually captivating designs and for her S/S13 collection she has used her talents to bring attention - in a fun, creative way - to an important issue... the loverly bees... Working again with Red Bull and The Catwalk Studio Project, Fred Butler and Two Inch Punch debuted an original track – “A Bee In My Bonnet” accompanying the S/S13 collection and Fashion Film directed by Elisha Smith-Leverock evoking life within the hive. Fred Butler is working with The Bumblebee Conservation Trust in support of the declining number of Urban Bees within our cities. A special edition key ring by Fred Butler will be available exclusively through her blog and The Bumblebee Conservation Trust’s homepage with all proceeds going to the trust. Fred Butler collaborated again with Rosy Nicholas on bold statement footwear, the amazing bee nails were by Marian Newman at Streeters for Nail Rock, the exoskeleton influenced undergarments in latex and rubber were in collaboration with William Wilde, costume director at The Box, and I am very proud of my young friend Isabella Sumner who assisted stylist Kim Howells bring this dreamy presentation to life. Inspiring, no?

Fred Butler S/S13 image from
Fred Butler S/S13 image from
Fred Butler S/S13 image from
Fred Butler S/S13 image from
Fred Butler S/S13 photo by Laura Lewis on
Fred Butler S/S13 photo by Laura Lewis on
Fred Butler S/S13 photo by Laura Lewis on

Plastic Seconds in Thames & Hudson 'Remake It: Clothes' book by Henrietta Thompson

So thrilled to appear alongside some amazing designers in the recently published Thames & Hudson book by Henrietta Thompson,
Remake It: Clothes
The Essential Guide to Resourceful Fashion: With over 500 tricks, tips and inspirational designs

The book comes as a sort of continuation to Henrietta Thompson's previous inspirational volume Remake It: Home The Essential Guide to Resourceful Living: With over 500 tricks, tips and inspirational designs, which I absolutely loved.

Henrietta Thompson 
writes on architecture and design for a number of international magazines and newspapers.

Have a look at the book's Facebook page here. :-)

On the Foyles shelf where I saw it!

The Plastic Seconds pages...

Plastic Seconds takes part in Traces 'Junk' Shop show at Tom Dixon during the London Design Festival 2012

For one week, from Monday the 17th of September to Sunday the 23rd of September, at the Tom Dixon Dock (a gorgeous place!), Traces presents a teaser event - the Traces ‘Junk’ Shop and Plastic Seconds is delighted to have some pieces as part of this installation. Come rummage through a wonderful collection of homewares, all made by some of the best emerging design talent in the UK, take in the smells around you, interact with objects, and see what you can discover. Who is the shop keeper, where did all this stuff come from? And how much does it cost?! So many questions for you to answer!

Through this clever and refreshing way of exhibiting new design you are invited to come along to discover these histories for yourselves, come rummage at the junk shop with a difference; wander in the shop, left as if only a moment before, and unpick its secrets. Interact with the curated collection of art and design pieces to unravel clues. And don’t forget you can buy your favourites along the way.

‘Traces’ aims to give the very newest up and coming artists and designers a way to reach the industry and the public. And evolving a new way to experience art and design, encouraging cross disciplinary collaborative work. ‘Traces’ also wants to open up discussions about the way we currently experience art, design, food and sound.

You can read the post on the Traces 'Junk' Shop on the Tom Dixon blog here.

Follow @traceslondon on Twitter.


Plastic Seconds guest speaker during Wake Up Campaign event at Rich Mix

‘Conscious Swap Shopping’ taking place this autumn at Rich Mix London as part of the London Design Festival is an initiative created by the behavioural change social enterprise Wakeup Campaign.

The events will be an exploration of our consciousness through the way we consume, behave, shop and feel by introspectively debating on identity, habits, behavioural patterns and the psychoanalysis of our shopping rituals.

Not only will you have the opportunity to bring your clothes and swap them for new ones, there will be a Q&A session where influential guest speakers from the sustainable fashion, lifestyle & academic sphere will be discussing their work, debating on how we can all contribute and help within the re-using/up cycling marketplace. Plastic Seconds has the pleasure to be one of them, while other guests include Zahra Mansouri, Grassroots and Nicholas ODH, part of the research-led collective, SAINT H.

The space will be filled with interesting sections for people to become immersed in fashion for change. There will be a section where people can get their clothes customised by a professional costume designer, engage with visual stimulants for people to interact and engage with, there will be raffles to be won, loads of goodies for sale and not forgetting the fabulous clothes people acquire when they swap!

Venue: Rich Mix 35-47 Bethnal Green Road, Shoreditch, London, Greater London E1 6LA (nearest station Shoreditch Tube Station)

Date: 17th September 2012, 6-11pm

Tickets: £8 online (buy your tickets here) £10 on the door

For more information please visit:

Twitter: @WakeupCampaign #consciousswap #LDF12

Here are some post event photos:

Founder Viviane Williams

Consciously swapping at Rich Mix

Vintage collars by Grassroots - could not resist buying myself one :-)

Plastic Seconds with the Secret Emporium at The Secret Garden Party 2012

Okay... this post has also been long overdue, but here is a 'little' photographic roundup of what happened when Plastic Seconds went to The Secret Garden Party with The Secret Emporium this July! Shortly after my return from this muddy muddy, but fun affair I wrote a review of The Secret Emporium at The Secret Garden Party 2012 in Amelia's Magazine featuring some of these photos and my favorite designs from the Emporium - have a read!

Beautiful banners the Secret Emporium team had made to adorn the outside of our tent

Plastic Seconds in The Secret Garden Party 2012 Programme!  

Plastic Seconds stall view 1...

Plastic Seconds stall view 2...

Plastic Seconds stall view 3...

Plastic Seconds stall view 4...

I love this image of my stall buddy + friend Rebecca Lee who was a humongous help to me during the festival - here she is wearing a Plastic Seconds WOODEN PEGS NECKLACE

Also the lovely Rebecca wearing Plastic Seconds LIDS HEADPIECE and PEN LIDS NECKLACE!

A lady at the Plastic Seconds stall having fallen in love and just purchased this Plastic Seconds one off JAR LID AN DUCKIE HEADPIECE - love it with her green dress :-)

A Gardener with a great headpiece...

And the Katy Perry version of a Gardener?

As I have stated before, love boys with clever jewellery and this chain mask is a winner.

Sara and George of The Poundshop at their amazing portable stand. Loved spending more time with these wonderful women as we shared a van - could not have done it without them!

George and her little paper pet...

Sara wearing a beautiful shirt and a Grace Du Prez necklace

Talking of Grace... here is the girl herself at her lovely stall. It was wonderful having her next to us!

AND yet another lovely Emporium neighbour was SJ of SJSTYLEE - here she wears her hit superheroes headband :-) 

I love this photo - beautiful Veronique wearing an SJSTYLEE catsuit and an Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining necklace.

SJ hoola hooping after we had packed up...

Another favorite from the photos I took - the girl is wearing EABurns shoulder piece, pendant and headband.

Lovely specially made umbrellas decorating the ceiling of our Secret Emporium tent :-)

All photography by Maria Papadimitriou.