TRAID Upcycled Bobble Hat Workshop at BUST Craftacular!

On 22nd November I headed to East London's York Hall to see all the fabulous stalls selling their wares at this year's BUST Christmas Craftacular, but also to attend an Upcycled Bobble Hat Workshop delivered by the wonderful TRAID team. I arrived with my friend Gisela at the 'Upcycling Academy' area, and with child-like excitement listened to lovely Sarah Klymkiw, head of the TRAID education team, giving us the first instructions. We were provided with a paper bobble hat pattern, which we had to pin on an old jumper from TRAID's super second hand clothing collection, and then cut around it. After a quick visit to the sewing machines, to stitch it all together, it was time to make our pom pom, then thread it at the top of our hat and voila! I had never imagined before what unique and beautiful winter hats one could make from upcycled old jumpers and wondered why I had ever bought one before! I would really encourage you to have a go! :-) The experience of making my own hat gave me such joy! TRAID runs regular upcycling / mending workshops and you can check them out here.

Bobble Hats from old jumpers under construction

My friend Gisela at the sewing machine

My lovely new winter hat half done...

The finished hat made by my own hands! 

Me and my friend proudly posing with our new handmade winter accessory :-)

TRAID #SecondHandFirst Week is here and it includes a Plastic Seconds Upcycled Jewellery Workshop!

This Monday 23rd November TRAID's #SecondHandFirst Week 2015 started! The week, ending on Sunday 29th November, celebrates the power of second-hand to change the world by keeping the resources we already have in use for longer. It was launched by TRAID in 2014 and their key aim is to increase the number of people committing to wearing and sourcing more of their clothes (and other resources) second-hand, rather than new. The week will be packed full of events and actions, both in the UK and across the globe, to connect people to the huge environmental and social benefits of second-hand. You can find all the information on how you can get involved and take the #Secondhandfirst Pledge at this page. You can also check out here the numerous super fun events, workshops and talks that TRAID has scheduled for the week.

A Plastic Seconds Upcycled Jewellery Workshop will take place on 26th Nov at TRAID Shepherd's Bush

I am honored to have been invited by TRAID's education team to deliver, as part of #SecondHandFirst Week, a Plastic Seconds Upcycled Jewellery Workshop on Thursday 26th November, 6.30-8.30pm, at TRAID Shepherd's Bush!

Here are some examples of the type of Plastic Seconds fun and colourful pieces we will be making at the workshop!

I will show attendees how to turn beautiful non-recyclable plastic elements from packaging into unique statement pendants and earrings during a session of play and discovery. In this two hour workshop attendees will explore creative ways of combining found objects and utilising their colour and shape so that they never look at their ‘rubbish’ the same way again! I am so looking forward to it! :-)