EcoLuxe London Showroom during London Fashion Week

This year Plastic Seconds was thrilled to take part in EcoLuxe London during London Fashion Week! We made a lot of new friens and discovered a few new cool sustainable brands. I was really pleased I had the idea to ask ethical stylist Lucy Harvey to come with me and do something during the event as I believe she made the event so much more fun, interesting and interactive with her 'Get Pimped, Papped and Tweeted' service! Lucy was placed at the entry of the showroom and upon arrival press and buyers were treated to an opportunity to be styled with clothes and accessories from the designers' stands and then be photographed and tweeted. Apart from exhibiting during the event, I was also there to photograph it and collect material for a review of EcoLuxe London in Amelia's Magazine! - do go and have a read! Many thanks to Stamo and Elena Garcia for inviting me to exhibit!

The Plastic Seconds display!

one of my latest Plastic Seconds fascinators

another one of my latest fascinators made from three lids perfectly fitting into each other!

Lucy Harvey's clever and pretty Fortune Tellers which she used as marketing material

Here is the gorgeous Lucy Harvey herself wearing 2 Plastic Seconds pendants and earrings.

The styled visitors were photographed by Lucy's talented assistant Charlie Divall

Here Lucy is styling Henrietta Rose Samuels from Hetty Rose with the Plastic Seconds headpiece and a Plastic Seconds necklace

Here the beautiful and lovely Alice Wilby from FutureFrock has been styled by Lucy Harvey with a Monique Luttin fascinator and Plastic Seconds pendants

Here a rather colourful press visitor wearing a pink coat by Stamo

I loove this image in which Lucy has styled the one and only Lupe Castro with a 'Supported by Rain' raincoat and a Plastic Seconds fascinator

These are two images from an upcoming exhibition by Lucy Harvey and FutureFrock - the necklaces on the right are made by Plastic Seconds from recycled contact lenses cases!

My neighbour exhibitor was INALA LONDON who makes colourful super versatile clothes - this piece can be worn either as harem pants or as a top!!!

Here  Lucy Harvey in an INALA LONDON dress models a Plastic Seconds necklace

Also beautiful Lucy wearing again an all-in-one by INALA LONDON (which as you can see below turns into a hooded dress!) and accessorising it with a Plastic Seconds statement pendant

Lucy wearing another one of our huuuuge new necklaces/pendants!

 Alice Wilby from FutureFrock  came on both days to the show - the first day wearing this gorgeous orange jacket which paired perfectly with this little Plastic Seconds pendant (it's hers now!)

The second day Alice came wearing this brilliant scarf she has just bought from London Fashion Week exhibitor AISTE NESTEROVAITE

A gorgeous pair of shoes from lovely shoe designer Hetty Rose

I quite liked the unconventional shapes of Linnie Mclarty's jewellery

Bailey Tomlin - another exhibitor - had not only made this detailed strawberry necklace but also was a wonderful woman!

Two more lovely people were the couple behind The Golden Grass Company who were showing this really smart clutch

A collection that made a real impression on me was 'Supported by Rain' - smart,colourful, funky raincoats!

This is a belt made out of empty bullets by Stamo

Here Stamo wearing a quite exentric jacket she designed herself!

I was really pleased Helena Maratheftis and Eleni Sardi could make it to the show!

Also pretty pretty illustrator Emma Block - who along with and a fe others we made the London Fashion Week Amelia's Magazine team! - popped in between shows 

Here is Emma Block's flatmate who is writing a dissertation related to ethical fashion and came to do some research wearing this necklace she made from weird little packaging things her parents who work in a hospital gave her - I know! you should see what MY father gives me from his medical dealings!

Absolutely stunning Alia Gargum - another one from the Amelia's Magazine London Fashion week team - here wearing a Monique Luttin bird scull fascinator

And at the entry of the show it was lovely to see Amelia's Compendium of Fashion Illustration - an anthology by Amelia Gregory of Amelia's Magazine featuring an array of great ethical designers illustrated by talented illustrators.


"The Cockettes" and Tá Na Deptford

A couple of weeks ago I went to see a screening of 'The Cockettes' presented by Test Magazine and the fabulous Fred Butler at the Town Hall Hotel in Bethnal Green. 'The Cockettes' is a documentary about the 1970's psychedelic drag queen troupe who went from an underground cult to a mainstream phenomenon. Their non-narrative revues and creative spontaneity reminded me of another 'theatre' group, Ta Na Deptford, which I had discovered just a few days before by browsing through i-D online. The group say on their website: "Tá Na Deptford is a performance movement happening in Deptford. First hailing from the streets of Rio de Janiero- Tá Na Deptford’s mission is to whip up London’s South East Culture through performance. By combining the methodology of Brazilian street theatre company ‘Tá Na Rua’ with the creative energies of local Londoners we create mind-blowing spectacles for streets of Deptford and alternative club nights across the city.Tá Na Deptford often organise events during which they train participants in the performance methods of 'Tá na Rua', which - exactly like the appearances by 'The Cockettes'! - is theatre without a script, but created entirely by the impulsive action of the performer as they set themselves free amongst props and costumes.

E17 Art Trail Ms Wanda's Wardrobe pop up shop

At the beginning of the month I went to the launch of Ms Wanda's E17 Art Trail pop-up shop - which is open until the 11th of September, so still some time to pop along! During the launch party Esther Freeman of Ms Wanda's showed her new autumn/winter collection, which includes ethical labels such as Tara Starlet, Round London, Sweet Notions and of course Plastic Seconds! She also showed her 'Sustainable Celebrity Style' collection in which she recreates celebrity looks like that of Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham and Joan Holloway from Mad Men, in an effort to to prove that ethical fashion can be just as stylish and beautiful as anything you see celebrities wearing. You can read more about Ms Wanda's adventures on her blog and you can visit the pop up shop at 151 Forest Road, London E17 6HE until Sunday 11th September - otherwise you can always visit the Ms Wanda's shop online and buy her autumn/winter collection there!
Esther presenting us with 'Victoria Beckham'

All the three celebrity looks!

A funny display by Ms Wanda's of my Plastic Seconds Fork Earrings

This is lovely Alessandra, the designer of Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining wearing one of her new necklaces!

And another  safety pin necklace by Alessandra - kind of reminds me of some Judy Blame pieces a little...


New Gallery Jumble Sale 20th Aug

So on the third Saturday of August I took part for the second time in the New Gallery Jumble sale organised by the lovely Tatiana Woolrych. This time again I met a couple of fantastic designers/makers and people...

Plastic Seconds on show

Plastic Seconds on show

This is a new pair of earrings I made out of in between teeth cleaners!

And this is another favorite little pendant I made out of two random plastic tops

The New Gallery looked beautiful as always...

...there was free screen printing workshops...

...and I met the lovely designer duo that are The Aviary!... is one fabulous anatomy necklace by The Aviary

...this is another sculpture pendant by The Aviary (love the pin in the eye!)

...and these are some new collars The Aviary started creating!

also was good to meet Will Hammond who makes accesories out of recycled, pressed plastic bags of Will's purses made out of a bag with a gorgeous pattern

Lovely to meet Yasmin Hood! -  really looking forward to collaborate with her make up skills and her photographer friend on a photoshoot soon!

These are two pieces by the organiser of the sale Tatiana Woolrych who is very creative!

...and these are some notebooks made out of recycled envelopes and paper and maps by Adrian Murphy