E17 Art Trail Ms Wanda's Wardrobe pop up shop

At the beginning of the month I went to the launch of Ms Wanda's E17 Art Trail pop-up shop - which is open until the 11th of September, so still some time to pop along! During the launch party Esther Freeman of Ms Wanda's showed her new autumn/winter collection, which includes ethical labels such as Tara Starlet, Round London, Sweet Notions and of course Plastic Seconds! She also showed her 'Sustainable Celebrity Style' collection in which she recreates celebrity looks like that of Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham and Joan Holloway from Mad Men, in an effort to to prove that ethical fashion can be just as stylish and beautiful as anything you see celebrities wearing. You can read more about Ms Wanda's adventures on her blog and you can visit the pop up shop at 151 Forest Road, London E17 6HE until Sunday 11th September - otherwise you can always visit the Ms Wanda's shop online and buy her autumn/winter collection there!
Esther presenting us with 'Victoria Beckham'

All the three celebrity looks!

A funny display by Ms Wanda's of my Plastic Seconds Fork Earrings

This is lovely Alessandra, the designer of Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining wearing one of her new necklaces!

And another  safety pin necklace by Alessandra - kind of reminds me of some Judy Blame pieces a little...