Plastic Seconds Upcycled Jewellery Workshop at TRAID during #SecondHandFirst Week Photo Album!

It was such a pleasure and an honour to deliver a Plastic Seconds Upcycled Jewellery Workshop at TRAID Shepherd's Bush! It always amazes me and delights me to see how quickly we all find again our childish wonder and curiosity and happiness when playing around with simple colourful things. There were a lot of giggles and laughter and all participants made some super fun and imaginative pieces! I find showing people how they could use little plastic bits that cannot be recycled to make beautiful jewellery hugely fulfilling. I also met some wonderful women as well as the AMAZING Francesco Colucci, TRAID's Window Dresser Director - if you have not checked out the TRAID charity shops window displays, do it and be inspired! I am most grateful to TRAID's Head of Education Sarah Klymkiw for organising everything. I am certain there will be more Plastic Seconds workshops coming up at various TRAID branches! Some of the beautiful photos below are shot by one of the participants, photographer Martyna Przybysz, @shotbymartyna on instagram ❤