New Gallery Jumble Sale!

Last Saturday Plastic Seconds was also at the New Gallery Eco Jumble Sale at the lovely lovely New Gallery space - where they serve wonderful food and coffee too! The New Gallery Jumble sale takes place every 3rd Saturday of the month and is organised by Tatiana Woolrych, who is a designer herself, look at her amazing work here. It was packed and it had a great atmoshere, full with people browsing through unique upcycled/recycled finds and taking part in free workshops like screen printing, knitting and flower headband making - out of beautiful flowers collected by Nicole (of Spontaneous Reality) from flower shops at the end of the day, which would have been thrown away! By the way meeting Nicole was a delight - I loved her make up heart she told me she's drawn on her cheek every day for years now and was impressed by her positive attitude towards the fact that her purse and her passport had been stolen on her way to the Gallery! I also loved my neighbour stall holders Rachel Templeman and Nikki Shaill, who were very charming and entertaining and their stall looked great! I had quite some fun taking photos during the day. Have a look, they speak volumes of the atmoshere and do go if you can next time, you won't regret it!

Rachel Templeman playing doll games with some
stock from her stall...

Nikki Shaill on the left and Rachel Templeman (who is also a designer website coming soon) on the right, my lovely neighbours and their stall.

Some knitting teaching!

Printmaking workshop in action!

More printmaking onto T-Shirts

There was a table where you could doodle away

And more printmaking!

The lovely girls from Make Lemonade Vintage

My favorite ring og the whole jumble sale from Make Lemonade Vintage!

Headband making with reclaimed flowers!

I like this photo a lot!

The guys from Cut Me Up. Erd from I am an Octapus
on the left and Kraggy on the right.

I felt a lot of desire for the yellow one on the right...

Ashley from Valiant V at her stall

Tatiana, the organiser on the left, and Nicole who
the flower headband making!