Harry Smiles Pop Up Shop with Ms Wanda's!

Earlier this month I went along to a special event organised by the lovely Esther Freeman from Ms Wanda's - with whom I have teamed up for an exciting new project...more info soon! - at the Harry Smiles vintage pop up shop off Exmouth Market. Ms Wanda’s is all about finding fashion solutions that don’t compromise people’s human rights or destroy the planet - you can read more about her here - and during the evening we had the pleasure of browsing through the Harry Smiles super vinatge collection - I wanted to buy so many items, but had to contain myself to the special dotty jumper below, which I loooooove - as well as Ms Wanda's own collection and through items from upcycling/recycling designers she represents, such as Round London, Sweet Notions and Dirty Pretty. We also saw Cecilia from Round London in action customizing an old unflattering gown into a pretty day dress with a few clever tricks and listened to fabulous Veronica Crespi from REWARDROBE explaining and showing us with examples of items in the shop how one can dress using vintage/second-hand/upcycled clothing even for a crisp office occassion - highlighting the fact that a lot of us are for example a little scared of vintage as an everyday dressing up solution, but it is the way you put things together! It was really great to meet the Harry Smiles ladies, Emma Smillie and Kelly Harrington, and a huge thanks to them for lending me a gorgeous festival dress for my selling 3-day stint at the Vintage Weekend at the Southnbank Centre from 29th-31st July! - will defo post a photo with me in it!

the lovely Emma and Kelly of Harry Smiles

Cecilia from Round London examining the unflattering gown....

Cecilia from Round London with her model after the transformation of the dress!

Veronica from Rewardrobe during her presentation

Veronica from Rewardrobe about to transform a tie into a belt!

...and the beautiful result!

...and closer look of the tie-belt

Veronica answering questions from the guests

the lovely Esther from Ms Wanda's (in the middle) talking to guests

a lovely skirt by Ms Wanda's made out of a pillow case!!!

One of my favorite dresses from the Harry Smiles collection

...and the lovely Jayne Flax who was a young journalist from the US interning in the shop!