DUCKIE workshop for Christmas market @ the Barbican!

Recently I was asked to go to a workshop organised by DUCKIE - 'they create wonderful audience interactive performance shows that blur the boundaries between theatre, nightclubs and new mode pop and arty show business' - to discuss about ideas as this Christmas are producing The Duckie Christmas Market at the Barbican. 'Running for three weeks in December 2011 in the foyers and walkaways of the Barbican Centre, and accompanying the Duckie Christmas show in the theatre, this DIY market will provide a fresh alternative to the high street. It will be an indoor indie gift market showcasing cult craftsmakers, underground artisans, DIY designers, thrifty retro hawkers and community arts curios.' So I took some photos to share with you from the day! There is a couple more workshops/discussions in relation to the market in September, more info here. At the moment Duckie are doing a really fun show at the Barbican until 24 July called 'Lullaby': you go, they send you to sleep with a lovely show, then you sleep over at the Barbican with lots of othe people and then in the morning they serve you breakfast and send you home!
most of the materials provided were reclaimed from scrapyards etc

to make us get going the task was to decorate/make a box

I really liked this one that used post-it notes

a lady covered a box with pages from an old book

this was my creation from a record cover!

a wonderful kitsch item they brought to show us

a shoulder brooch I bought soon available on Loserville TV!