Plastic Seconds takes part in Traces 'Junk' Shop show at Tom Dixon during the London Design Festival 2012

For one week, from Monday the 17th of September to Sunday the 23rd of September, at the Tom Dixon Dock (a gorgeous place!), Traces presents a teaser event - the Traces ‘Junk’ Shop and Plastic Seconds is delighted to have some pieces as part of this installation. Come rummage through a wonderful collection of homewares, all made by some of the best emerging design talent in the UK, take in the smells around you, interact with objects, and see what you can discover. Who is the shop keeper, where did all this stuff come from? And how much does it cost?! So many questions for you to answer!

Through this clever and refreshing way of exhibiting new design you are invited to come along to discover these histories for yourselves, come rummage at the junk shop with a difference; wander in the shop, left as if only a moment before, and unpick its secrets. Interact with the curated collection of art and design pieces to unravel clues. And don’t forget you can buy your favourites along the way.

‘Traces’ aims to give the very newest up and coming artists and designers a way to reach the industry and the public. And evolving a new way to experience art and design, encouraging cross disciplinary collaborative work. ‘Traces’ also wants to open up discussions about the way we currently experience art, design, food and sound.

You can read the post on the Traces 'Junk' Shop on the Tom Dixon blog here.

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