Plastic Seconds with the Secret Emporium at The Secret Garden Party 2012

Okay... this post has also been long overdue, but here is a 'little' photographic roundup of what happened when Plastic Seconds went to The Secret Garden Party with The Secret Emporium this July! Shortly after my return from this muddy muddy, but fun affair I wrote a review of The Secret Emporium at The Secret Garden Party 2012 in Amelia's Magazine featuring some of these photos and my favorite designs from the Emporium - have a read!

Beautiful banners the Secret Emporium team had made to adorn the outside of our tent

Plastic Seconds in The Secret Garden Party 2012 Programme!  

Plastic Seconds stall view 1...

Plastic Seconds stall view 2...

Plastic Seconds stall view 3...

Plastic Seconds stall view 4...

I love this image of my stall buddy + friend Rebecca Lee who was a humongous help to me during the festival - here she is wearing a Plastic Seconds WOODEN PEGS NECKLACE

Also the lovely Rebecca wearing Plastic Seconds LIDS HEADPIECE and PEN LIDS NECKLACE!

A lady at the Plastic Seconds stall having fallen in love and just purchased this Plastic Seconds one off JAR LID AN DUCKIE HEADPIECE - love it with her green dress :-)

A Gardener with a great headpiece...

And the Katy Perry version of a Gardener?

As I have stated before, love boys with clever jewellery and this chain mask is a winner.

Sara and George of The Poundshop at their amazing portable stand. Loved spending more time with these wonderful women as we shared a van - could not have done it without them!

George and her little paper pet...

Sara wearing a beautiful shirt and a Grace Du Prez necklace

Talking of Grace... here is the girl herself at her lovely stall. It was wonderful having her next to us!

AND yet another lovely Emporium neighbour was SJ of SJSTYLEE - here she wears her hit superheroes headband :-) 

I love this photo - beautiful Veronique wearing an SJSTYLEE catsuit and an Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining necklace.

SJ hoola hooping after we had packed up...

Another favorite from the photos I took - the girl is wearing EABurns shoulder piece, pendant and headband.

Lovely specially made umbrellas decorating the ceiling of our Secret Emporium tent :-)

All photography by Maria Papadimitriou.