2011 Leftovers 2: Some good moments from London Fashion Week S/S 2012

It was really good fun and an honor to go in September to London Fashion Week as an Amelia's Magazine contributor and write some reviews for the magazine. Here is some of my favorite moments when going around...Cannot wait for February! You can have a look at some London Fashion Week illustrations I also did for Amelia's Magazine in my my other Slowly The Eggs blog.

I really liked these platform shoes by Helen Bullock at Vauxhall Fashion Scout

And some bold dresses also by Helen Bullock

I loved this girl's style! - she said she has made the shoulder piece herself

This dress by Shao Yen was made entirely from golden elastic

A David Longshaw top with his own illustration - I spoke to him and he was such a friendly lovely guy!

Dr Noki genius!

Another really sweet and friendly designer I met was Elizabeth Lau, Susie Bubble's sister - here you can see her Millie's Cookie, a few designers had made a cookie for charity.

Here is the amazing Kirsty Ward showing me one of her rings.....

Lu from Lu Flux!!!! what a sweet, talented lady and she does the dots under the eyes make up like me too!

A Tatty Devine girl with a cool necklace!

A boy with a big old necklace at one of the shows - wish more boys wore jewellery!

An interesting girl at one of the queues - it was a veeery slow queue....

I took this photo of all the photographers because I found it fascinating how they became an explosion of flashing lights and loud sound when the show started!

Dismantled mannequin at the end of Ecoluxe London :-)