2011 Leftovers 3: London Fashion Week S/S 2012 Luetton Postle

The first show I attended as an Amelia's Magazine contributor was Leutton Postle at Vauxhall Fashion Scout - you can read my review of the show in Amelia's Magazine here - and oh I loooved these two ladies and their creations so much! The duration of it all felt like a tiny second and I found it really thrilling to shoot in continuous mode... Indeed I discovered the challenges of catwalk photography - it really is quite tricky to capture these fast paced belles! I was really proud this was my first go at catwalk photography...

When I went to the Fashion Scout exhibition to check out the pieces up close I realised they had incorporated cocktail sticks in the weave of a dress!

These were two lovely dressed Leutton Postle interns!