2011 Leftovers 12: Plastic Seconds at The Barbican for the Duckie Christmas Market

Another highly unseasonal post due to bad blogging practices..................... These are some pics from the Duckie Christmas Market at the Barbican during which I had a stall, but also held Fairy Lights workshops teaching how to make cool shades for them out of plastic bottle tops! Part of the workhsop was also making lots of Christmas tree decorations out of tops too. Read in Amelia's Magazine the listing for the event giving us a good old shout :-)

Plastic Seconds Fairy Lights Shades!

Plastic Seconds Christmas Tree decorations out of bottle tops

A workshop attendee proud of her finished fairy lights!

And another young attendee with her Christmas Tree decorations - this little one was 'Green Representative' in her class and was delightfuly curious