2011 Leftovers 8: Plastic Seconds play with the Beauty School Drop Outs and Laura Peters Photography

Still being extremely slow at blogging despite my new year's resolution to improve in this area....It WILL happen! :-) So I have been meaning to post a few more things from the last few months... Here are some photos Laura Peters took duirng a day of sillyness-playfullness-experimantation. The Beauty School Drop Outs did the make up and used lots of Plastic Seconds pieces to style these teenage girls, who were having QUITE a bit of fun. The most fun thing for me was making the PROP SUSHI HAT, seen here, to accompany my Sushi Necklace. I LOVE hats and have been making a lot of illustrations/collages of ladies with food hats as Slowly The Eggs, but this is the first time I made a 3D one! Making more weird props like this is definitely on my agenta. We went to have a meal in a Chinese restaurant during a very busy time in order to take the noodles and sushi hat images..........but I think the Sushi hat was definitely a hit :-)