Plastic Seconds at London College of Communication 's 'Green Week'

In the beginning of February I was invited by Sarah Bagner of Supermarket Sarah to take part along with lots of other creatives in London College of Communication's Green Week by making a 'wall' - in the style of Supermarket Sarah - and offering students advice on how they can use throwaway materials in new exciting ways. Sarah Bagner played a major role throughout the week by inviting artists and designers with an interest in sustainability, as well as by interacting with the college's students and encouraging them to take part in the activities. The week was co-curated by Sarah Temple and Tara Hanrahan who were both a pleasure to work with and meet.
I wrote a review of LCC's Green Week in Amelia's Magazine, where you can read more about what happened. You can also read about Plastic Seconds' appearance on the LCC Head of College blog here and the lovely Sarah Bagner mentioned us in her blog too!

I love this image of Sara Bagner with her patchwork made out of plastic bags :-)